the happiest of happy birthdays.

i didn't want to miss a minute of the planning, celebrating and unwinding, so excuse my absence of late!
lillian turned one!

i didn't want anything too crazy but i did want to make something for her that was personal, both for the party and for her present and if i do say so myself it was an all around success!
my mom flew in and we drove to nashville where all our beloved friends are and threw lillian the bday bash of the year at a yoga studio i used to teach at. 
i am not sure what she will gawf at more when she is 16 looking back; the fact that we had her party at a yoga studio and we served beer or that i wore red pants. i am sure both and more will come back to me when we hit those teenage years!
but in all seriousness it was the most special day for hank and i. lillian, hank & i were surrounded by love, by lots of the people who shaped us, helped us through this first year and love us unconditionally. lillian was also surrounded by some of her best buddies, and watching her roam all around the party laughing, playing, eating and carrying on was just about enough to make a momma's heart explode.
i barely even saw her all party! she was quite a socialista, let me tell you!

blowing out the birthday candle.

we kept it simple with a few homemade decorations, a rubber puzzle mat for the kids to play on and i just brought lillian's toy bucket to be shared by all. we had beer and water for the adults and juice boxes for the kids. it was stress free and that really made the whole day possible and enjoyable. 

lillian & her buddy summer.

for lillian's birthday, her dad and i printed this blog. this blog was started the day i found out i was pregnant and has chronicled her every milestone since. in printed form i hope it brings her a laugh, some guidance and a smile as she reads the words written with love from me, her mom.
. . .

and with that, i realize this blog is nearing its end. this blog has given me a sense of peace, a connection to other momma bloggers that brings me validation and a laugh or a good cry if i need it. it has been a place to share lillian's life with all who care to know and those who already love her. it has been an amazing journey and i am so thankful to have done it. i have thought a lot about it as of late and i am ready to shift my time away from this blog and focus it on other hobbies, passions and gaps in my life that i need to fill. 
to those who i don't know personally that read this, thank you. thank you. thank you.
to those i know and love, thank you for all you have done for me in my life. guiding me to a place where i am lucky enough to have all i have. 
each and every one of you are such a blessing in my life!

over and out. but not without some closing photos. . .

happy birthday my sweet sweet girl. your momma loves you always and forever. thank you for bringing all the joy into my world, for filling me with life and love. you are absolutely the best thing to happen to your father and i and we can't wait to cherish you forever and ever.


  1. The party was perfect Molly. We had so much fun, and I Iove that you printed out the blog for Lillian. It is something she will cherish forever.
    Love you girls, and I'm really going to miss Happy Baby, but good for you!

  2. Molly, actually I should say Lillian, happy birthday to you! Hope life will always bring you joy with your wonderful family...Please stay as happy as you are now....

    Molly, so sad to hear that you are ending the blog. Loved reading it...Please let me know if you guys are around DC area, would love to meet for a coffee or so...

    I could not see your email, that is why it is an open letter:)

    Thanks for sharing your life with us.


  3. Heather- thank you so much, meant the world that our two little girls could be together :) lillian loves summer so much! love you lots, miss you and will be back to see you both soon!! xxoo

  4. Ceren- thank you so much for reading! it has meant so much to me that you have been reading and commenting. thanks for your support and i will be sure to let you know when i am in DC :) my email is m.anna.watson@gmail.com. send me a message so i have your contact info saved! my husband does work there and we have been meaning to take a trip back for awhile since that is where we met and married :) lots of love. xo.

  5. :) chills and tears. Happy 1st birthday sweet lillian!! I have loved being able to share a bit in your life through this blog. Thank you for sharing your family with us here mols. Love you.

  6. (and LOVE the red pants! keep em - she'll want to borrow them at 16 :) )

  7. Molly, thank you for sharing your first year (or so!) with sweet baby Lilly. We will miss the updates & photos. I guess we will just have make a visit or two instead! Love, the 220 Kumars