happy new year, what a year it has been.

this time a year ago, i looked a little something like this...

today i hold this in my arms daily...

2011 was the most amazing year of my life. i marvel at this gorgeous, happy, adventurer that hank & and i created and smile because this is by far the most amazing journey i have ever been on. being a mother was a dream and now is a reality. a whole year has passed and i still am shocked that God blessed me with this little girl. 
my dreams for 2012 are big. its go big or go home in my world and that means always being open to failure because failure doesn't represent a lack of trying- rather it shows you gave something your all and either it wasn't enough or it just wasn't meant to be. 
so, i know 2012 will bring failure and i welcome it, because i know 2012 will also bring joy, love and growth with each year i am given.
i hope for 2012 that lillian continues to grow as a healthy and happy little girl. that she feels in her heart each and every minute the undying love and devotion both i & her father have for her.
i hope for 2012 that my husband knows each and every day how much i cherish, love and honor him.
i hope for 2012 a re-birth of yoga in my life.
i hope for 2012 a new beginning, an opening in my heart for the tough realities of being an adult.

thank you 2011 for all you brought, cheers to 2012!


  1. Happy new year to the family. Wishing you health, happiness, and lots of laughs in 2012!!