the happiest of happy birthdays.

i didn't want to miss a minute of the planning, celebrating and unwinding, so excuse my absence of late!
lillian turned one!

i didn't want anything too crazy but i did want to make something for her that was personal, both for the party and for her present and if i do say so myself it was an all around success!
my mom flew in and we drove to nashville where all our beloved friends are and threw lillian the bday bash of the year at a yoga studio i used to teach at. 
i am not sure what she will gawf at more when she is 16 looking back; the fact that we had her party at a yoga studio and we served beer or that i wore red pants. i am sure both and more will come back to me when we hit those teenage years!
but in all seriousness it was the most special day for hank and i. lillian, hank & i were surrounded by love, by lots of the people who shaped us, helped us through this first year and love us unconditionally. lillian was also surrounded by some of her best buddies, and watching her roam all around the party laughing, playing, eating and carrying on was just about enough to make a momma's heart explode.
i barely even saw her all party! she was quite a socialista, let me tell you!

blowing out the birthday candle.

we kept it simple with a few homemade decorations, a rubber puzzle mat for the kids to play on and i just brought lillian's toy bucket to be shared by all. we had beer and water for the adults and juice boxes for the kids. it was stress free and that really made the whole day possible and enjoyable. 

lillian & her buddy summer.

for lillian's birthday, her dad and i printed this blog. this blog was started the day i found out i was pregnant and has chronicled her every milestone since. in printed form i hope it brings her a laugh, some guidance and a smile as she reads the words written with love from me, her mom.
. . .

and with that, i realize this blog is nearing its end. this blog has given me a sense of peace, a connection to other momma bloggers that brings me validation and a laugh or a good cry if i need it. it has been a place to share lillian's life with all who care to know and those who already love her. it has been an amazing journey and i am so thankful to have done it. i have thought a lot about it as of late and i am ready to shift my time away from this blog and focus it on other hobbies, passions and gaps in my life that i need to fill. 
to those who i don't know personally that read this, thank you. thank you. thank you.
to those i know and love, thank you for all you have done for me in my life. guiding me to a place where i am lucky enough to have all i have. 
each and every one of you are such a blessing in my life!

over and out. but not without some closing photos. . .

happy birthday my sweet sweet girl. your momma loves you always and forever. thank you for bringing all the joy into my world, for filling me with life and love. you are absolutely the best thing to happen to your father and i and we can't wait to cherish you forever and ever.


lovin' on houston.

this week i am in houston lovin' on my sister and her son jack. lillian & i are here for the week, helping set up the nursery, hang out and be as much help to my sister and her family as possible.
will post photos of our almost finished project soon, for now, a pic of lillian with her new found friend, bob, their golden retriever. she loves her pups.

so i apologize for my absence but things are busy and i am so enjoying this time.
love to all! hope 2012 is shaping up for a good year for you so far!


christmas in review/thursday loves.

this week i have been loving all the photos taken of our amazing holiday season with family and friends. so what better way to honor thursday loves than with a photo montage?

hope yours was filled with family & laughter,
just like ours!


happy new year, what a year it has been.

this time a year ago, i looked a little something like this...

today i hold this in my arms daily...

2011 was the most amazing year of my life. i marvel at this gorgeous, happy, adventurer that hank & and i created and smile because this is by far the most amazing journey i have ever been on. being a mother was a dream and now is a reality. a whole year has passed and i still am shocked that God blessed me with this little girl. 
my dreams for 2012 are big. its go big or go home in my world and that means always being open to failure because failure doesn't represent a lack of trying- rather it shows you gave something your all and either it wasn't enough or it just wasn't meant to be. 
so, i know 2012 will bring failure and i welcome it, because i know 2012 will also bring joy, love and growth with each year i am given.
i hope for 2012 that lillian continues to grow as a healthy and happy little girl. that she feels in her heart each and every minute the undying love and devotion both i & her father have for her.
i hope for 2012 that my husband knows each and every day how much i cherish, love and honor him.
i hope for 2012 a re-birth of yoga in my life.
i hope for 2012 a new beginning, an opening in my heart for the tough realities of being an adult.

thank you 2011 for all you brought, cheers to 2012!


a very merry christmas.

christmas pjs are the best. 
wishing you all a merry merry christmas 
and a very happy new year! 
will see you in 2012. 


bye-bye girls.

the time has come, my day of c cups is officially over.
yes, i am talking about my boobs.
i have relished having a set of these babies, really, i have. things, well, fit better. not to mention the function they maintained- SO convenient.
but lillian has moved on, she is on to bigger and better things and so my poor girls are left behind.

honestly though, i thought this weaning process would be a bit harder, both for me and her but thankfully our experience so far has been really natural. lillian has taken to table food SO well (read more about our blw method here and here) and i couldn't be happier to gain a little freedom. i also feel so blessed and thankful that i was able to nurse her for a year, as i know i am among the fortunate who are able to offer that gift to their children. 
we are down to once a day, and think that she will soon drop that (i am guessing right around her first birthday this january) and so we are starting to introduce whole milk. not as a replacement for when she is nursing, but as an additional drink throughout the day. so far, she doesn't dislike it, she just doesn't drink much. thankfully she eats (happily) lots of full fat greek yogurt and cheese so i know her dairy intake isn't at risk!

so thats what we are up to, or not up to around here! 
hope everyone is getting ready for a wonderful holiday!


thursday loves.

this week we have been soaking up the last of the warm sun. crazy i know because it is almost christmas but hey, we live in the south and that is why i love it here!
lillian on the other hand continues to obsess over the leaves. yes, the leaves. she can't get enough so it is a good thing fall lasts forever here. we hit the park and she could care less about the swings or the slides- it is all about the leaves people. i think if she could articulate to santa what she wants for christmas, it would be leaves.

on a completely different note, i have been really loving lipstick.  every time i head to target (which if you ask my husband is far too frequently) i peruse the lipsticks on clearance and have accumulated quite a collection. and, have really been loving them all!
this is moisture renew in rouge by rimmel on clearance for 2.29 from target. i had to layer it a lot to get the rich red i wanted, and so would probably need to reapply fairly often, but really did love the smooth texture and it didn't bleed. this one will be making a christmas day debut :)
second, i have been loving revlon colorburst in carnation. it is such a pretty pink (not my usual to to color by any means) but i had seen a lot of this on pinterest and wanted to give it a go. and i LOVE it. wore it with black eye liner to hank's work christmas dinner and really enjoyed it.
when i am feeling very edgy i reach for my plum perfect by maybelline. it is pretty intense, a rich deep purple- rich but pretty.
lastly, i just found flame by covergirl. it is more of an orange-red and i think i might save this for the spring or so. it is brighter but i still really enjoy it!

so there you have it. thursday loves!
what are you loving as you get closer to christmas? feeling overwhelmed? now is a better time then ever to take a moment to pause, look around and be thankful for something that is really making you smile this week- amongst all the holiday craziness!

love to all.