thursday loves.

this week we have been soaking up the last of the warm sun. crazy i know because it is almost christmas but hey, we live in the south and that is why i love it here!
lillian on the other hand continues to obsess over the leaves. yes, the leaves. she can't get enough so it is a good thing fall lasts forever here. we hit the park and she could care less about the swings or the slides- it is all about the leaves people. i think if she could articulate to santa what she wants for christmas, it would be leaves.

on a completely different note, i have been really loving lipstick.  every time i head to target (which if you ask my husband is far too frequently) i peruse the lipsticks on clearance and have accumulated quite a collection. and, have really been loving them all!
this is moisture renew in rouge by rimmel on clearance for 2.29 from target. i had to layer it a lot to get the rich red i wanted, and so would probably need to reapply fairly often, but really did love the smooth texture and it didn't bleed. this one will be making a christmas day debut :)
second, i have been loving revlon colorburst in carnation. it is such a pretty pink (not my usual to to color by any means) but i had seen a lot of this on pinterest and wanted to give it a go. and i LOVE it. wore it with black eye liner to hank's work christmas dinner and really enjoyed it.
when i am feeling very edgy i reach for my plum perfect by maybelline. it is pretty intense, a rich deep purple- rich but pretty.
lastly, i just found flame by covergirl. it is more of an orange-red and i think i might save this for the spring or so. it is brighter but i still really enjoy it!

so there you have it. thursday loves!
what are you loving as you get closer to christmas? feeling overwhelmed? now is a better time then ever to take a moment to pause, look around and be thankful for something that is really making you smile this week- amongst all the holiday craziness!

love to all.

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  1. Molly, take me lipstick shopping. I'm into black nail polish lately and need to brighten things up with some fun lipstick. Besides, I'm always up for a trip to Target! :)