grace & thank you.

grace has never really been my strong suit. growing up i was always the kid tripping on the play ground, with my pb & j still all over my face. oh, and don't even get me started on the hair. yikes.
side note: thank you mom for the MASSIVE bows in my hair. only drawing attention to that fact that it was an absolute mess :)

also not my strong suit? saying yes, please, i could use some help and thank you. i have always thought i was the best person suited for each task in front of me making it thus impossible for me to allow anyone else to meddle in my business. or, in other words, help me.
stubborn am i? oh yes. brutally so at times (insert: my husband shaking his head violently yes) which has both pushed me to the top at times and hindered me at others.

so, skip forward to today:
me, lillian and all the shit  necessary stuff that comes with us every where we go (stroller, diaper bag, snacks, sippy cup, extra snacks incase other snack suddenly becomes the most disgusting thing in the world {daily occurrence}, blanket, giraffe...etc.) head out to shop.
mission: find some presents for upcoming events.
destinationwestside urban market 
we had heard lots of fun things about this warehouse turned outdoor shopping center and i decided today was the day to take our adventure.
i also decided since i was headed into the "posh" side of atlanta i should get my act together, ie. wear clothing that doesn't consist of 90% spandex on the bottom + 100% slouchy cotton on the top, because lets be honest that just = sloppy mom. {which i am proudly most days of the week}
i digress.
i get myself showered (huge, i know!) and dressed, lillian wakes up and i get her dressed (naturally she looks way cuter than i do) and we hit the road with all of the above.
we get there i and i am doing great, feeling good, get her in the stroller and all cozy, with snack in hand. we find this adorable kids boutique and begin to browse.

before i have left the store i have thanked 3 people for picking up either
a. a goldfish 
b. giraffe
c. her blanket
d. all of the above at once

as we continue to shop i thank people for opening doors for me, picking up more of the things she sends flying from the stroller & moving out the of the way of said stroller.

as we dine (yes, we are SO posh, we don't eat, we dine) i realize i have ordered our food, gotten lillian all set in her high chair to realize i forgot my drink (and hers since we share) on the other side of the cafe. i can't get it since i can't leave her, i know absolutely no one to ask to watch my baby (because asking a stranger is just a bit out there for me)... so, we ate without a drink for a bit until my falafel was stuck in my throat and lillian was looking at me like, are we in the desert woman? where is some water?
so, i asked. i asked a woman if she would mind retrieving my water for me.
and you know what, she was more than happy to help. she even brought me a little cup with a straw for lillian. 
side note: i live in the south :)

driving home today i realized both that i am still not the most graceful mom, i drop things constantly, am always leaving something behind and pretty much always look like a mess no matter how hard to try not to. and the hair, um, still yikes. 
but, what i have learned to embrace is the power of saying, can you help please? and thank you. 
honestly, wow, things are much easier when i don't always do them myself :)

thanks motherhood, you sure are rockin' my world.

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  1. In love with this post. Couldn't have said it better (for you :)...I always need help!). Would like to add that I think you are an extremely graceful mother. Grace has many other qualities that you fully posses and exude everyday. You are a fantastic mom and someone I always look up to. Xoxo. Oh and ps-if you are a "sloppy mom", I'm in serious trouble :)